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Mark (the Hatter) O'Carrigan

The MacQuarie dictionary defines hatter as 
 1- a maker of hats (which he was as a leather craftsman for over 20 years)
2- a solitary bush dweller (which he is)
3- a tin miner (which he isn't)

As soon as you make one hat, people ask "are you a mad hatter?" can decide that for yourself, but it has left an open door for Mark to express his creativity and eccentricity in all pursuits. 

Mark certainly can think "outside the square" having been heavily influenced by his parents who scoffed at the idea of lateral thinking..."that's just literally thinking!" Luckily, he was taught how to think from an early age.

Finding life as a tax inspector studying accountancy unrewarding, Mark quit his "secure" job in 1976 to pursue a life of creativity. His personal ambition became one of building his own home and making a living with his hands and mind while being self sufficient. Leathercraft provided his main income for the next 20 years before imports made life for australian craftsmen very difficult. He then changed to building , his other life passion, yet he claims it is no different than making hats... " A good home is like a good must be comfortable and stylish, sit lightly, keep off the elements and be affordable"

Enjoy the following pictures of Mark's creations.....

Leather Craft
Building Craft
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