Established pre-8800BP*, upgraded with most mod cons in 2000, the Hat cave continues to offer quality accommodation and shelter. 

* Before Present...Archaeological excavation by Australian Museum, Sydney University and Australian National university in April 2022 confirmed evidence of occupation dating 8800+ years. Keep tuned for further developments as they keep digging. A scientific paper is due early 2023

Hatter's Hideout transects a deep mountain gorge, with lush cool temperate rainforest to natural bonsai in wind swept heath; to woodland with panoramic views across the World Heritage Area and home of the prehistoric wollemi pine.
Set amidst towering escarpments, the Hat Cave is a huge sandstone cathedral, sculpted by nature to provide an ideal bushland retreat for modern cave dwellers (troglodytes).

The natural acoustics are a musicians dream.
It has been carefully developed using minimal impact construction and facilities to ensure the environment remains as pristine as possible for future generations to enjoy.

       The 25 metre high arched opening faces north west with wind and weather protection by a grove of coachwood trees and 30 metre tall carved rock columns known locally as "pagodas", a predominant feature in the primitive landscape.                    

Access is easy via a 500m walking track with numerous seats to relax and absorb the bushland surrounds. Walking back up the hill is a cardio workout, equivalent to walking up a 25 storey building.


Facilities include:- 

Camp fire with 20kg wood. Gas barbecue; ice box; tables and chairs. Solar powered lights for reading, USB chargers, cooking etc.; candles for intimacy. Rainwater on tap for cooking and washing up. Kitchen sink, utensils and basic cooking condiments. Composting toilet.  First Aid Kit.




A spacious mountain lodge with 5 Bedrooms and Loft, hand crafted in a classic Australian style featuring artistic decor and views over the spectacular Wollangambe Wilderness and Wollemi World Heritage Area.
plenty of lounging, double gas cooker. dishwasher, dining room for 20, wood fire, 

5 King sized ( or twin) bedrooms, a loft with 2 beds (and 3 extra mattresses); 4 bathrooms.. and a pool room
All linen and firewood is provided


  • An interpretive “Bush Walk & Talk” to the Cave, to introduce you to the environs, facilities and “minimal impact” philosophy of Hatters Hideout.

  • Exclusive private use of the Lodge and Cave

WEEKENDS ~ $1190 for 2 people for 2 nights (+ $75 extra adult per night)
LONG WEEKENDS (3 night minimum) ~ $1700 for 2 people for 3 nights (+ $85 extra adult per night)
MID WEEK ~ $495 for 2 people for 2 nights (+ $65 extra adult per night)

Sunset Checkout available (normally 12 noon)...please call Mark for details

It is ideally designed for groups of up to 20 to have exclusive use of a unique bushland property with outstanding natural facilities. 


Hatters Cave
Hatters Cave

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Hatters Cave
Hatters Cave

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Hatters Hideout


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